[ROVERNET - UK] re: P6 Front & Rear Speakers

T. Clemen tclemen at msn.com
Wed Nov 24 19:13:06 GMT 2004

I was able to mount a standard set of 6.5 inch speakers into the front and 
rear holes.  For the rear speaker I top mounted it with the grill over the 
fabric.  By top mounting the speaker I didn't have to worry about clearance 
above fuel tank as the speaker just drops right in.  The front was no 
problem.  The 6.5" speaker set is very common in North America and should be 
very easy to find.

At the time I used two pair of Sony 6.5" speakers: front doors, center, and 
rear center.  I wired the front center and the rear center as part of the 
rear speakers so I can fade them in or out from the door speakers.  The look 
and sound is very clean and cost was under $80 US for the 4 speakers.  Of 
course you can go cheaper and more expensive.  Some of these speaker sets 
come with templates on the box for sizing and creating holes, useful if the 
fit is too snug or too large.

The rear speaker brackets from 90's Honda Civic's fit nicely into the rear 
hole and are easy to screw onto the body if it is necessary.  These are very 
cheap and be found at almost all salvage yards.

Good Luck!


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