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Norman,Coolaire of Miami was commissioned by Jaguar to design the Factory AC
system for the 1965-67 Etype 2+2. The first 2 2+2's in the US were driven to
Miami, after the NY Auto show. Thei engineer at Coolaire told me this 25-30
years ago. They previously built the trunk units for MKII and other Jaguar
sedans. Most were Dealer installed. It was the most expensive option-$1100,
when theMK II was about $5500 Delenaire in England Basicly copied this
system for the 420 and 67 cars, which say Delenaire, not Coolaire, and holes
are die cut in the rear shelf, not handcut, as with Coolaire.(It's not
rocket science-1954 Buick used trunk AC)Coolaire also built Factory systems
for Austin America., 67 MGBGT(I have that one,) and many other European
cars. They went out of business about 25 years ago. Some brilliant bean
counter disposed of all parts, blueprints and tooling in 2 40' dumpsters.I
have probably the last new Coolaire evaporators in the world. I bought from
an ex-Coolaire dealer, found in his attic.I sell them very reasonably, \and
all are period correct, being  new 60's and 70's units-.I suspect Coolaire
probably made a trunk unit for Rover-No one in England could build air
conditioning in the early 60's, they were still figuring out how to cool
beer.I have Coolaire trunk units from MKII and MKX, and a Delenaire unit
still in a 420. If interested, contact me off line, and I will see if it
will fit.These units were used in Daimler limousines, so will have to be
left on low in your Rover.I can help with most AC questions, including
changing to rotary compressors and.- R134. James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
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> Hi Roger:
> As James Dean states, it's going to be alot of work.  Personally
> I don't know how much of the firewall has to be cut out, and
> welded into the car your installing the AC in.  The lower section
> looks like it would be a real problem.  But, nothing is going
> to stop a person who is willing to see it thru to the end.  I've
> heard that a company in the USA produced an after market AC kit
> that placed the evaporator in the boot, with the outlet where the
> rear radio speaker normally goes.  I've never seen this kit, or
> until reasonily never heard of it.  The person that told me of
> the kit said it was made specifically for the Rover P6B.  Good
> Luck!
> Sincerely,
> Peter Miller
> Port Orchard, Wa.
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