[ROVERNET - UK] After Market P6B AC

rogerdm at iprimus.com.au rogerdm at iprimus.com.au
Mon Aug 30 04:20:11 BST 2004

I would be interested to know what the firewall differences are.  I have
a 3500S without A/C and a wrecked auto with one in it.  I plan to swop it
over.  How difficult is it going to be

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>I have a parts 3500S with AC firewall, that is the one the controls would
>come from, It is pretty scruffy, with rusted floors, and suspension removed,
>but if someone wanted to do that much work, I could cut the firewall out
>ship the whole thing. It is a titled car. An easier solution would be to
>a 2000TC Delenair evaporator box- Or I have various NOS Coolare evaporators,
>including a67 MGB unit that replaced the radio console. What about a trunk
>unit, like Jaguar saloons used in the 60's?. I have some and could measure
>one. James
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>> Hi James:
>> As you are aware that the firewall on the P6B with Works AC
>> is different than one without AC.  This complicates the AC
>> addition as you are aware.
>> Peter Miller
>> Port Orchard, Wa.
>> USA
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