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Federal spec 1970 3500S were fitted with factory AC, I believe it was the
only option,so not all had it-most did.About 2500 of these cars were
imported to the US(Perhaps Rudiger can give us an exact figure). I can
supply most of a 3500s unit, contact me offline for details.The
evaporator,heater box replaces the stock heaterbox ,forward of the firewall.
You would need to upgrade theYork compressor to a rotary, and need an
adapter bracket to the york bracket, and need to change fittings to us
R-134. I can supply that.You should also be able to use engine components
from an SD1(1980 Federal spec 3500)- I can supply that. (You might  have to
change or move some engine accessories ,not sure). The complete AC system
from a 3500S ,including dash controls would be best, but a lot of work. An
easier evaporator solution, would be the bolt-in Delenaire unit from a
2000TC, which sits on the transmission tunnel. I can supply that. If
interested in this easier approach, advise me and I will check the size of
my MGB unit, which may be smaller.In 1967, BMC commissioned Coolaire of
Miami to design a factory AC unit for the 67 MGBGT-(remember, the British
couldn;t cool their beer in the sixties, let alone their cars). This used an
evaporator that replaced the radio console, and is a lovely 60's tech design
with black plastic case and chrome plated plastic vents.I found several new
1967 units in the attic of an old Coolaire dealer, and have one or two of
these incredibly rare gems  left. The oroginal Smith's snail blower did not
move enough air, so I  supply a turbine fan marine bilge  blower that moves
225 cfm, so this little box will freeze you. I would suggest you first get
copies of the parts book section for the ACsystem for SD1 (Federal 3500),
1970 3500S, and the rare factory manual for the 2000TC  Delenaire AC system,
so you understand what you are going to do. I  can supply all of them.Please
contact me jaguru at bellsouth.net or phone 1954JAGUARS. James Dean Ft.

> Hi Roverists:
> Does anyone have information on an after market P6B Air
> Conditioning unit?
> Has anyone installed AC in a P6B?
> Peter Miller
> Port Orchard, Wa.
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