[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Auto Trans shift problem

Ron Morey morey814 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 28 03:27:31 BST 2004

Greetings. This is all good info. Just to add a simple possible cause not 
yet mentioned. Vacuum regulators also wear out or leak. That is another 
source of upshift problem.
>From: Phil <philhodge at northsound.net>
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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Auto Trans shift problem
>Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 21:01:27 -0700
>I have recently resolved the same problem in my 1970 P6B. The problem was
>brought about by the previous owners modification from SU carbs to an
>American Holley card and manifold. A throttle modification had to be made
>to accommodate the new manifold. Since the BW35 tranny uses a cable to
>select its upshift and downshift points, a mod. had to be made for the
>cable connection point too. The cable mod. did not allow the cable to
>retract enough and therefore the tranny 'thought' it was under high
>acceleration (throttle open and cable pulled out). I had to make the cable
>attachment bracket 1 cm. longer which meant the cable protruded a much
>shorter distance from the cable shroud to where it attached to the throttle
>lever. If such a modification has been made to your car, this may be the
>problem. If not, it might simply need an adjustment... screw the threaded
>end of the cable so that the thread protrudes even farther up and towards
>the throttle linkage. Don't forget to loosen the locknut on the threads and
>retighten after adjustment. Keep adjusting then roadtesting testing until
>the tranny shifts into third at about 20 to 25 MPH under light 
>Phil Hodge
>1968 2000TC
>1970 3500S
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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Auto Trans
>The automatic trans in my SD1 won't shift into 3rd
>unless I lift up on the gas pedal.
>But if I manually shift from 2nd to 3rd, without
>moving the throttle, it will shift. I've adjusted the
>bands per the shop manual.
>Anyone have a suggestion? Anyone have a good trans
>they want to sell? I'm in the SF bay area. Thanks, Vic
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