[ROVERNET - UK] Re: Public Domain Rover Information

Linda & Ben Rodgers rodgl at pei.sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 27 12:22:02 BST 2004

Well said Alan (Part Viking)
             I have been on Rovernet for many years myself, and indeed
have a huge barn full of Rover and other parts. I have sold a great deal
thru Rovernet without ever advertizing. I usually respond when someone
is looking for a part by going off line. Rovernet serves me well just as
it is.
In view of that here is a special deal offered to all or any Roverguys
out there.
Sometime soon Linda and I would like to sell up and move to a smaller
house, the barn is a problem!!! I have lots of P4, some P5 and some P6
parts, engines,trans, diffs, and body etc etc. All is free all you have
to do is collect, I don't want the job of shipping. I'm a little bit
remote??? located on Prince Edward Island. Canada. Bring a big truck and
fill it up.
        Regards Ben

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