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Alan FRANCIS royston at jualry.fsnet.co.uk
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I think whenever the paths of 'enthusiast' and 'business' cross there will
always be a conflict of interests. There have been discussions on this site
before about prices of various parts and the pros and cons of those prices.

I think there ARE many sites avaialable for the listing and selling of Rover
parts. Certainly EBAY springs to mind and I have used it myself and know
others on this site have also. Add to this both the P5&P6 Owners Clubs offer
an online parts listing service as does the P6 Drivers Club, all of which
are open to use by residents of countries outside the UK.I think it
important to mention that ROVERNET is almost unique in that the ratio of
contributors to location makes it predomiately those in the US/Canada and
Oz/New Zealand who contribute, and I accept that there may be specific
problems obtaining parts in those locations, though in Oz Scotts Auto Rubber
is a regular contributor/distributor and I know there are many in the US.
Pierre Janusz is also a regular contributor/distributor and there are many
other UK based dealers available on line.

So despite the feelings to the contrary I do think there ARE sufficient
places to buy/sell Rover parts and setting up another site would not really
serve much purpose with the exception maybe of being globally specific ie
US/Canada or Oz/NZ.

I think it important to remember this site is primarily a discussion forum
and whilst we all accept the odd appeal for a part (I have done so myself) I
don't think it fair to criticise the list moderator for not providing a
classified section nor expect him to do so. Discussion means exactly that
and if others decide they want a classified section there is nothing to stop
them creating their own and asking for a Rovernet endorsement. But having
watched (long suffering) Eric endure all manner of critcism and carping over
the last 7+ years please give the guy a break. He has created an excellent
DISCUSSION forum, if your not happy it has no classifieds then you know the

Alan Francis (part viking)

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I am not for a minute advocating the redistribution of copyrighted
material. I do, however, think the copyright on a 1947 P2 service manual
has probably run out long ago.
If I can get my hands on one I will post it in PDF form on my site and
if anyone objects, I will remove it -- to the detriment of all that is
good and decent.

I do applaud the efforts of those such as James Dean who could have
taken the easy road and be selling and servicing things with smawl
blocks in them. His suggestion of a list of sellers and buyers of things
we all need is a good one. As one who fiddles with Websites for a
"living" I am happy to offer any help in this area gratis if it is needed.

Stephen Beer

Vern Klukas wrote:

> James Dean wrote:
>> acquired a huge inventory of used
>> and rare NOS parts forRover2000, 3500S. I also have Factory parts
>> books and
>> shop manuals I sell parts copies of, and other useful literature,
>> including
>> this book.
> While I don't want to get involved in the commercial/hobbyist in the
> newsgroup debate, I have to point out that selling copies of workshop
> manuals is illegal, in as much as it is a violation of copyright. A
> parts books is a little more ambiguous, as simple "lists" generally
> don't rise to the level of copyrightable material, however the
> illustrations in a parts manual most certainly are copyrighted material.
> Yours
> Vern

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