[ROVERNET - UK] Rovers on SPEED (not the drugs either)

Stephen Beer stephen at beerinc.com
Thu Aug 26 22:37:05 BST 2004

I have seen it. Great stuff. If you can get copies count me in for one. 
I think they have backed off their 24/7 NASCAR programming due to 
complaints from people like me. Victory by Design is great too. How do I 
get Alain DeCadenet's job?

Stephen Beer

Bill Robertson wrote:

> My buddy at work came in yesterday and told me he saw on Legends of 
> Motorsport on the SPEED channel an approxiamately 20 minute film on 
> the Rover car company from the start through to the early 
> sixties.........Has anyone else seen this and can we get a copy of it 
> somewhere..........I will contact Speed and see if it is possible
> Bill Robertson
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