[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Auto Trans

Michael Pellow mp349 at ww.co.nz
Thu Aug 26 20:04:18 BST 2004

BW35 in the P6B is a bit the same - moving the lever almost always
> produces an upshift when it wouldn't otherwise.
>> The automatic trans in my SD1 won't shift into 3rd
> unless I lift up on the gas pedal.
> But if I manually shift from 2nd to 3rd, without
> moving the throttle, it will shift. I've adjusted the
> bands per the shop manual.
> Anyone have a suggestion? Anyone have a good trans
> they want to sell? I'm in the SF bay area. Thanks, Vic

Atip from an Auto shop for adjusting the cable shift on the BW35 box that
was given to me

Drive the car till it is completely up to normal running temperature,aprox
10 miles.
on a flat road ,slow down slowly to a stop,as you do so the box should drop
into first gear  at approx 3-5 mph importantly with a slight thump.This
shows that the pressures in the box are arround the correct level.If there
is no perceivable change (thump) then the pressure is to low.If the change
is at a higher speed and very evident ,then the pressure is too
high.Lengthen the ammount of cable showing to reduce the pressure.
On the SD1  BW 65 box there is an indication of correct cable position
The instructions from Rover.:
remove air cleaner.With engine at  idle (750-850 ) actuate accelerator
linkage till idle speed just starts to rise .Check the gap between the
crimped stop and the end of the adjuster,It should be between 10 & 20 thou.
If the is a later SD1 with the 180 box ,the shifts are goven by a vacum
regulator.check the vacum hoses for leaks

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