[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Auto Trans shift problem

Phil philhodge at northsound.net
Thu Aug 26 05:01:27 BST 2004

I have recently resolved the same problem in my 1970 P6B. The problem was
brought about by the previous owners modification from SU carbs to an
American Holley card and manifold. A throttle modification had to be made
to accommodate the new manifold. Since the BW35 tranny uses a cable to
select its upshift and downshift points, a mod. had to be made for the
cable connection point too. The cable mod. did not allow the cable to
retract enough and therefore the tranny 'thought' it was under high
acceleration (throttle open and cable pulled out). I had to make the cable
attachment bracket 1 cm. longer which meant the cable protruded a much
shorter distance from the cable shroud to where it attached to the throttle
lever. If such a modification has been made to your car, this may be the
problem. If not, it might simply need an adjustment... screw the threaded
end of the cable so that the thread protrudes even farther up and towards
the throttle linkage. Don't forget to loosen the locknut on the threads and
retighten after adjustment. Keep adjusting then roadtesting testing until
the tranny shifts into third at about 20 to 25 MPH under light acceleration. 

Phil Hodge
1968 2000TC
1970 3500S

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The automatic trans in my SD1 won't shift into 3rd
unless I lift up on the gas pedal.
But if I manually shift from 2nd to 3rd, without
moving the throttle, it will shift. I've adjusted the 
bands per the shop manual.
Anyone have a suggestion? Anyone have a good trans
they want to sell? I'm in the SF bay area. Thanks, Vic


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