[ROVERNET - UK] Sources for P6 Front Shocks?

Brian & Lori Nordlund bl.nordlund at verizon.net
Wed Aug 25 04:27:08 BST 2004

I know I have seen people mention various sources for the Koni shocks, but I
am fishing so I can decide whether to just buy some Armstrongs on eBay for
$50 or to go for Spax or Koni.  I have found a couple places that have the
Konis, but both places want $200 for the pair.  Are the Spax shocks still
available?  In North America?  Maybe I am being too optimistic.  Any
opinions on the choice between the three makes?

I recently realized that the front shocks on my TC are some "it will fit
just fine" substitute which is most certainly valved backwards.  For those
who have experience correcting this problem, Is there a noticeable
improvement in the handling or at least how it feels?

Portland, OR

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