[ROVERNET - UK] RE: Montreal area?

Linda Bien bienl at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 18:19:50 BST 2004

Thank you, list. I appreciate all.
I just found the Mario Boies British Motor Spares website 
(http://www.marioboies.com/anglais.html) and I will contact them. BTW their 
address is 1225, du Maire, La Prairie, Québec, Canada. Email (George or 
Louise?) at marioboies at bellnet.ca, Ron, and maybe you will receive an 
answer. They must have changed their email address sinc eyou last contacted 

I will also take the list's advice and see whether any of the other British 
car places can help me.


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>Subject: RE: [ROVERNET - UK] Montreal area?
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>Greetings all. Mario Boies is found at: <marioboies at hotmail.com I bought a
>clutch from them. It was correct, the price was what I expected and service
>was good. I have not installed it yet. After receiving the clutch I asked
>for pricing on Rover V8 engine parts. I never received a response to the
>email or the voice mail. So first impression was good. Second impression 
>All the best, Ron.
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> >Subject: RE: [ROVERNET - UK] Montreal area?
> >Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 00:55:24 -0300
> >
> >There is only one place there in Montreal that I KNOW is familiar with
> >older Rovers ...it's called "Mario Bois" I believe ...I will look for
> >the details if you can't find them....I am sure I have the info here
> >someplace :)
> >
> >  Regards
> >
> >  Dennis
> >
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> >Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Montreal area?
> >
> >If I were to ship my father's 1951 P4 75 from New York to Montreal does
> >anyone know a mechanic around here who might like to tackle a car that
> >has
> >been garaged for the past 39 years?
> >
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