[ROVERNET - UK] Spares for P6B

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 22 19:13:36 BST 2004

Ray, I assume theSWMBO is some government agency.Here In South
Florida,thousands of rare and classic cars have been crushed along with
everything else, the last few decades, thanks to zoning inspectors, realtors
who value land by the square foot, and general progress.Obviously it is a
worldwide problem. I would think it would be worth renting a bit of outback,
or some cheap storage to put it, particularly if it has a solid body-That
alone could cost thousands to recreate in a car that does not.One month
after you scrap it you will realize you need something you should have kept,
and years later, you will  always regret the fond memories you don't have of
driving the lovely old car you threw away. That said, I hope someone there
does restore it.If it will help anyone do that,I have a RHD P5B in Ft
Lauderdale needing metalwork and restoration I will sell reasonably. It has
factory air, Florida title, and belonged to Sir Robert Mc Alpine, and has
his plaque in the engine bay. AND for the wheel fanatics, it has 15"
Rostyles.I ship worldwide and have good connections. For Australia and New
Zealand  clientsI often double stack the container with a second small car,
or parts to justify shipping costs.I have parts and cars; Rover
2000,3500S,SD1, as well as Jaguar,VandenPlasPrincess, and most British
cars1948-1990.  Contact me offline if I can help anyone.
jaguru at bellsouth.net  James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale.
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Dear Esteemed Rovernetters,

I know I have asked this question before but the situation is reaching
crisis point as SWMBO is threatening drastic action if my spare P6B is
not removed in the near future. "But I need to get spares off it" I
said. This did not get the response I wanted!

So, my question is this. "What should I keep off the old car that will
be either extremely expensive to get elsewhere or would be very
difficult to get elsewhere (panels - keep?)". Your suggestions (sensible
ones only) will be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Ray Wilkins
1976 P6B
Melbourne, Australia

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