[ROVERNET - UK] Spares for P6B

Paul Smith vmi2148 at bigpond.net.au
Sun Aug 22 12:37:04 BST 2004

My guesses:

Rear calipers, all lenses, grille, bumpers.
Bonnet & bootlid if you have room.
Dash if sound, including the pieces under & over the cluster.
Diff.  Exhaust manifolds.


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Dear Esteemed Rovernetters,

I know I have asked this question before but the situation is reaching
crisis point as SWMBO is threatening drastic action if my spare P6B is
not removed in the near future. "But I need to get spares off it" I
said. This did not get the response I wanted!

So, my question is this. "What should I keep off the old car that will
be either extremely expensive to get elsewhere or would be very
difficult to get elsewhere (panels - keep?)". Your suggestions (sensible
ones only) will be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Ray Wilkins
1976 P6B
Melbourne, Australia

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