[ROVERNET - UK] P6B cooling - `electric fans - Australia

Peter Mitchell peterm at arach.net.au
Sat Aug 21 13:16:27 BST 2004

Hi Netters

I haven't posted a message for a while but continue to read the messages
with interest.

At last I have been able to set aside some funds to complete a few jobs on
my '76 P6B.

My query relates to my viscous fan.  It is seized and drives noisily as a
fixed unit.  I have a working replacement viscous coupling but would prefer
to fit an electric fan or two to reduce noise and perhaps to save energy.

I'm in Perth, Western Australia, where the summer temperatures do reach the
high 30's [Celsius] to the low 40's, and I have air conditioning.  The car
has a recently reconditioned cooling system / radiator.

Could members please offer advice as to whether one or two electric fans
would meet my needs for cooling, as this is the way I would like to go if it
is going to provide effective cooling and lower noise levels.

Kind regards

Peter Mitchell

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