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Robert Thornton R.Thornton at adelaidecitycouncil.com
Mon Aug 16 00:52:00 BST 2004

Yes, the Rover 75 will be using a modern Ford V8 derived I think from
the Mustang and delivering something like 260 bhp. Sadly production of
the ex Buick Rover V8s wound up in early May after nearly 1 million had
been made over the years (Rover only not BOP included) and the tooling
for the engine was put up for sale. Does anyone know if it has been sold
to another party yet? It's all a bit confusing really because the
current Range Rover has a BMW V8, while the new Discovery 3 will be
getting a Jaguar-based V8 which has been developed by Ford who now own
Jaguar and Land Rover.


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Alvin, This is what I have heard, if it is incorrect I look forward to
corrected-politely of course. The 4.6 in the 75 is listed as an SOHC I 
believe. Ford has bought LandRover-blame the Bavarians. Ford has a
4.6 SOHC V8. I have heard that the Rover 4.6 is out of production. That 
would lead me to believe that the 75 uses a 4.6 Ford. Since I am in
Canada I 
suspect there are many RoverNuts who are better informed than I. Anyone 
across the pond or from the antipodes that would like to give firm info?
I have not heard of any plans to import the newer Rover sedans or MGF's
that matter. It is all more complicated now that Rover has been disected
the barbarians from Bavaria. All the best, Ron.

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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Off topic (Rover 75 V8)
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>Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone has test driven this car

>owns one. I also would like to know if they are you coming to the US.
>believe but not sure that it uses the Range Rover 4.6.
>Alvn (TopDogRover)
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