[ROVERNET - UK] Raising the Rover

Ron Morey morey814 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 03:09:16 BST 2004

Tom, there are lots of sites on the web that give the formula for spring 
rates. Search  "coil spring rate" or "coil spring formula" and you will have 
a selection. You will have to remove one to get an accurate value. There is 
also a possibility of using spring over shock setups. Monroe has all their 
shock data available on the web as well. I used it and the formula when 
searching for SD1 replacements. There is no cross reference so it had to be 
the hard way. I believe the SD1 rear springs (standard) and the P6 coils are 
very close. You will know better upon removal and calculation. I can give 
you the SD1 values if you want. You may find-and this is stretching it- that 
the front springs of a Ranger pickup 1990 or so are a good match. I didnt 
actually find one I just compared data. But you being in junk yard and hot 
rod heaven may have a lot of good sources. Have you thought about leaf 
springs and shackles?? Sorry, couldn't resist.

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>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Raising the Rover
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>Has anyone tried to raise the rear end of a P6 to compensate for sagging
>springs?  I would like to get the ride height up a bit;  the manual says
>that shims up to 3/8 inch can be used but I want to go as high as 1 inch
>(2.54 cm for those of you out there in civilized countries using a decent
>system of measurement).  Also per Paul Smith's suggestion,  I want to
>replace the springs with those from a P6B to get the ride a bit stiffer.  I
>am thinking that the higher spring rate of the P6B rear springs will keep
>the car higher but I don't know how much higher since I don't know the
>spring rate for the 2000 TC springs.  The manual gives no stiffness
>information, just free length and color code.  Anyone know the spring rate
>for these springs?  (260 lb/in for the 3500 springs)  Anyone tried to shim
>beyond the recommended max value?   All help gratefully accepted:-)
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