[ROVERNET - UK] exhaust and back pressure

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
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Generally newer mufflers have better flow characteristics than old ones.
The manufactureres have learnt, and maybe even read up on it!
Nowadays they tend to be tubes with holes punched outwards, so the sound
pulse is broken up, with sound absorbing material around the inside of the
canister.  This works against tuning beyond the muffler...


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Dear John,

Yes, I realize that silencers can reduce power, but recent correspondence
shows that the matter is a lot more complicated than I had thought, and that
the test I envisaged, disconnecting the exhaust pipe at the manifold, could
actually degrade the performance.  I really have no good reason to suppose
there is any problem, but thought I would explore the subject.  The other
point of course is that since the silencer on my car is certainly not the
same as the one Rover installed in 1925, it is possible that the replacement
is unsuitable.  I think the responses so far hint that it is unlikely to be
a major factor.


Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco)

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All mufflers/silencers restrict the exhaust flow to some extent but the
least resistance is with a straight through one but it's a bit noisier and
may not be legal in some places. When I had a motor-cycle , I and all my
friends used to drill out the baffles in the silencers to make more noise
and give a better top speed.
best wishes
John Atkin(IOW.UK)

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