[ROVERNET - UK] Clutch pedal problems

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Tue Aug 10 00:20:22 BST 2004

Hi Damien,
When you put in the new kits, did you ensure there was no corrosion in the
bores that might interfere with the movement of the pistons or pitting in
the surface of the bores.  Were you very careful to get the rubber cups facing
the correct way when you assembled the slave and master.  Have you bled the
air completely out of the system.  It is not an easy procedure because you
have to lock the clutch actuating lever to prevent it from moving as you
pump up the pedal and release bubles from the bleed screw.  If your hydralic
hose is flexible, you might find it easier to remove the slave from the box
and bring it up into the engine bay stil connected to its hose. It will also
assist a visual inspection of the hose for leaks or wear.  Restrain the piston
in the slave with a clamp.  Having the system generally horizontal to the
resevoir will help.  Do not try to reuse fluid that you have used for bleading,
its false economy and will remain contaminated with air for quite a while.
 Having bled the system and refitted the slave to the box, ensure that the
return spring on the pedal is correctly fitted and draws the pedal right
back.  Ensure that the carpet does not interfere with full movement to the
floor.  Ensure that the ajustment for the pedal and master cylander rod is
correct.  Have a helper who loves being under cars, observe the travel of
the actuating lever as you press the pedal.  If you start pressing the pedal
but there is some delay in the movement of the lever, then there is still
air in the system or you have reassembled the kits incorrectly.  

Hope this helps, let us know how it goes


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>Folks on my new P6B 3500S the clutch pedal doesnt seem to be returning
>correctly. The pistons in the master and slave dont seem to be  return
>correctly and the travel of the pedal seem to get greater and the clutch
>doesnt seem to disengage completely
>Any ideas as to what might be wrong? I have put in new slave and master
>cylinder kits
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