[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Available Near Philadelphia

Randell Jesup rjesup at wgate.com
Fri Aug 6 00:41:57 BST 2004

Glen Wilson <glenwilson at ixpres.com> writes:

>I have a very decent SD1 near Philly that I need to dispose of. It has
>engine problems that I don't have the time or energy to correct. Excellent
>interior and goof 5-speed trans. If there is anyone reading this who is
>within driving distance who has an interest, please contact me at
>glenwilson at ixpres.com or at 610-872-2109. This is something you need to see
>and evaluate. Please don't respond at this time if you are at a great
>distance and can't come see the car. It may end up being crushed before
>long since I currently have a severe storage problem. If you're close
>enough to visit, I'll fill you in on the details.

Hi Glen!

This might go well with Glen's car, since it has a good engine and
trans with full original EFI in working shape (when it was last driven).

SD1 parts-car (or possible restoration) for sale:

        I have a USA-spec SD1 that was a running car on the road 5 years
ago when I blew out the clutch slave (I rebuilt the master and must have
let some contamination get into the system; it failed to release pressure,
I pumped it again and poof.  That let the clutch lever slip off the pivot,
so the trans needs to be dropped to put it back into place.)

        I stopped driving it at the point (and soon thereafter got engaged
and then married).  It's been sitting covered for 5 years and I'm simply
not going to get to it, plus it's deteriorated in the meantime (mostly
some additional rust and the interior needs to be redone).

        1980 SD1, ?? miles (>50K I believe).  3.5V8, EFI was in fully working
shape.  Engine ran well.  Exhaust shot, cats appeared good.  Ran well, had
it up to 90MPH before I got worried about police.  

        Good glass (replaced windshield with a used one).  Speedo cable
doesn't work.  Gas tank had developed a rust hole, had the tank repaired
and coated internally.  Power steering has a slow leak.  (I know someone
who has a spare they took out of an SD1 for me, assuming they still have
it.)  Good trans, had new Dunlops, not sure of current condition (one has
been flat for a while).  Additional spare alloy rim.  Spare used
driveshaft.  Rewired rear hatch wiring.  Small rust hole in left rear
buttress (next to hatch).  Seats and interior headlining pretty shot.
Surface rust on sunroof.  I couldn't find the key last time I looked and
remote for hatch is bad; without it hatch won't open - but rear seat is
folded down.  I might be able to find the key eventually, or a new one
could be gotten from rover perhaps.  Rebuilt brakes (can't remember if I
put in new drums/rotors).  Paint in iffy shape (blue metallic).  A minor
dent on lower part of doors on one side.  Electric windows worked.
Replaced fuel level sender.  Repaired EFI AFM sender (the flap-based air
meter - not hard if you know what you're doing, and a common problem point
on older Bosch flap-type EFI).

        Many new parts from UK (mostly not installed): head gasket set
(metal), hi perf air filter, hose set, upgraded spring set, etc, etc
(around a $500+ order from the big SD1 supplier in England).  Full list
once I get a chance to sort through the boxes stored in it.

        Any reasonable offer.  You pick up in Malvern PA (just west of
Philadelphia).  Pictures can be provided.  Could be parts car (good engine/
trans/EFI!) or restore (paint, minor bodywork, reupholster, many minor

Randell Jesup, Worldgate Communications, ex-Scala, ex-Amiga OS team
rjesup at wgate.com

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