[ROVERNET - UK] Free Parts!

Tom Trafton v8rover at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 3 20:03:32 BST 2004

For any Rovernetter out there who would like a complete, fairly well
restored windshield (windscreen) wiper assembly for a 2000TC, I have one
that you may have for the cost of shipping from Los Angeles.  I rebuilt this
one as part of my restoration project then decided to switch to the 3500 S
unit that mounts on the side opposite the steering box.  I noticed someone
was trying to sell one on ebay for $55 recently but mine is offered at a
much better price;  namely zero $:-)  First come, first served.  Mail me off
list at

roverV8 at earthlink.net

For those of you with RHD cars, I am wondering if this unit for a LHD car
would fit.  I really don't know if they are 'handed' or not.


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