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John Stacy scyjn1 at pnc.com.au
Mon Aug 2 06:01:45 BST 2004

> Hi,
I have a couple of questions concerning my mark3 3litre, which hopefi\ully
soemone can assist with:
a)a few months ago there was a discussion regarding sluggish Mark 1 autos.
There was a suggestion from someone of a cause which involved parts which
were either very rare or very expensive, or probably both. If this problem
was evident the car could not be correctly tuned. Does any one have this
info ? Or who offerred it?
b)my Mark 3 has developed a curious noise . It is not evident on start up,
but after a few minutes, it appears. When the car is at running temp it is
not evident either. It is a sound which to me sounds like a tinny scraping
sound(akin to scraping a screw driver on the side tappet/rocker cover, or
around the base of a tin can) there is oil flowing in both top and side
tappet areas and also it can be seen coming out of the oil pump on the side.
It can be best heard with a hose inserted into the oil filler or breather
(other end inserted into ear !). It is louder on the exhaust tappet side. I
cannot tell if it is the front or back. When at running temp, it sounds very
slightly when you 'blip' the throttle.
any suggestions ?

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